The art of ragtime guitar (técnicas básicas de música ragtime)





This is a guide to one of the most challenging of today’s fingerpicking guitar styles, featuring the sounds & syncopations of ragtime – the music that became jazz.
Contents: Ragtime guitar style *The ragtime bass line *The melody line *Additional lines Techniques of ragtime guitar. Pick hand technique *Use of the fingers *Which fingers when *Primary picking arrangement *Secondary picking arrangement *Picking with free strokes *Position of the pick hand Techniques of Ragtime guitar: fret hand technique Introductory summary Ragtime Ramble – solo *Overfretting *Fretting with the thumb *Damping *The hammer Dadalada – solo *Alternate picking Just what the doctor ordered – solo *Guide strings Boogaloo down La Rue – solo *Special fingering *Lifting fretting fingers Ragpickin – solo *Alternate fingering of a familiar chord Coney island cakewalk –

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