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Evolución constructiva del timple entre los años 1950 y 2010: estudio de casos

Justin Holland (1819-1887) Black guitarrist in the western reserve

Mysteries in the history of the spanish guitar

Stalking the oldest six-string guitar

The rise and fall of the hillbilly music: A History, 1922-1939.

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Electric guitar service manual

Assembling an electric guitar

Making the transition from guitar to lute

How to build a Les Paul Style Guitar

Electric Guitar Building Articles

The Electric Guitar 2.0: Redesign of the Electric Guitar

The Electric Guitar: product phases, analysis, industrial desing

Schizophonic Performance: Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Virtual Virtuosity

Function,construction and quality of the guitar

How to Build a Stratocaster Style Guitar

How to make a Humbucking Pickup for a Guitar

The guitar and the mandolin: Biographies of Celebrated Masters and Composers for these instruments

House music for recusants in Elizabethan England: performance practice in the music collection of Edward Paston (1550-1630)

Buying a nylon string guitar

The development of right hand guitar technique with reference to sound production

Carlo Milanuzzi’s Quarto Scherzo and the Climate of Venetian Popular Music in the 1620

Fretboard Harmony for University Study: Method and Historical Context

Restoration of a Selmer guitar, number 882

Baroque Guitar for the Modern Performer A Practical Compromise

Restoration of a baroque guitar made in Venice (Italy) about 1640

The restoration of a guitar made by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona in 1679: the “Sabionari”

Material de acústica y luthería de la guitarra:Tapas de guitarra, varetas, nodos de vibración, etc (archivo Powerpoint)Minicourse on Plucked String Instruments

Modal analysis of different types of classical guitar bodies

La folía de España:Dances for guitar

Rhythm versus tempo

An historic- hermeneutic critique about luthiery with specific reference to selected south african guitar builders

Guitar resonances and Chladni patterns

Imitative and Associative Learning of Complex Finger Actions

The guitar, the musette and meaning in the “fêtes galantes” of Watteau

An overview of the six-course guitar

The five course guitar (viola) in Portugal and Brasil in late seventeenth and early eighteeenth centuries

Modernist representation of the guitar and the instrument´s classical revival in the 1920s

The form of the preludes to bach´s unaccompanied cello suites

Bach’s Lute Suites: This Myth is Busted

10 Reasons – Why most people fail to master the Classical Guitar

The genius of Joe Pass (1929-1994)

The Definitive Elements of the Hermann Hauser Spanish Guitar

Acoustics for violin and guitar makers