Justin Holland (1819-1887) Black guitarrist in the western reserve

Justin Holland (1819-1887) was a 19th-century black American guitarist. He was the most important guitarist of his generation. Over 300 of his guitar arrangements were published. His earlier editions predate the Civil War. He would have been a household name to anyone who played guitar in that era of home music-making. Virtually none of those guitar players would have been aware of Justin Holland’s race.

Moreover, Justin Holland devoted much of his life working for the end of slavery and the advancement of his race. He participated in the operation of the Underground Railroad in Cleveland. He secured recognition of African-American Freemasons by white Freemasons in Europe. He joined other African-American leaders in local, state, and national Negro Conventions.

By Barbara Clemenson

justin holland-black guitarrist in the western reserve


Justin Holland (1819-1887) Obras adaptadas para guitarra

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