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Measuring and documenting the FE 18 by Antonio de Torres

The role of development of the guitar and the changing performance techniques on evolution of “folia variations” writen for the guitar

Fantasia X from El Maestro By Luis Milán. Historical Background, Modal Analysis, and Transcription for Guitar Solo

Solo Lyra Viol music of Tobias Hume (1579-1645):Historical context and transcription for modern guitar

Transcribing the gamba music of Marin Marais to the guitar

Preludes, Cadences and Composition for Guitar in 19th-Century Teaching Practice

J. A. Hudleston (1799-1865) A Guitarist in Nineteenth Century India

Georgina Gregory guitar manuscript.Edimburg c.1830-40

Some introductory remarks on 19th-century guitar performance practica

An Unknown French Song by Fernando Sor in Sweden

The Guitar in Sweden Until the Middle of the 19th Century

Hillbilly music and the roots of Bluegrass guitar

Aspects of interpretation and improvisation in the performance of brazilian guitar music

Agustin Barrios Mangore:A study in the articulation of cultural identity

A History of Bluegrass Guitar in Western North Carolina

Luigi Rinaldo Legnani: His life and position in European music , with an annotated performance edition of selections from 36 Capricci Opus 20.

Elements of Symmetry and Flamenco Tradition in Loris O. Chobanian’s “Concerto del Fuego”

The early guitar in Paris: A comparative study of the music of Adrian Le Roy and Guillaume Morlaye

The Arrangements of Roland Dyens and Sérgio Assad: Innovations in Adapting Jazz Standards and Jazz-influenced Popular Works to the Solo Classical Guitar

The influence of Flamenco on the guitar works of Joaquin Turina.

From the blues to hip-hop

The Musicologist Behind the Composer: The Impact of Historical Studies upon the Creative Life in Joaquín Rodrigo’s Guitar Compositions

Little Dots:A study of melodies of the guitarist Frank Zappa

Charlie Christian (1916-1942)-Jazz Master

Intuition and fretboard intimacy:approaching improvisation on the guitar (jazz,blues,rock)

Pat Metheny:Composing to exploit the sound of guitar

Jazz guitar, the history, the players

Gitara gasy:Guitar Music of Madagascar

Wes Montgomery-Round midnight: Expressions and interpretations

Santiago de Murcia: The French Connection in Baroque Spain

An Analysis of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Vogelweide: Song Cycle for Baritone and Guitar

The progresion of Villa-Lobos compositional style from the Suite Popular Brasileiro to the Doze Estudos

Key factors that contributed to the guitar developing into a solo instrument in the early 19th century

Single string scale technique and the classic guitar

Manuel Ponce and the Suite in A minor: Its Historical Significance and an Examination of Existing Editions

The siguiriyas song form in flamenco:a historical and comparative study

Creating an improviser system for jazz standars on the classical guitar

Microtonal systems and guitar composition

Ornamentation in spanish renaissance vocal music

The role of lute in sixteenth-century consorts: Evidences from Terzi´s Intabulations

Improvisation in sixteenth-century Italy:Lessons from rethoric and jazz

The Airs de cour: The French Ornaments

The Spanish Romance: From Street Music to Court Music

A new guitar teaching philosophy