Wes Montgomery-Jazz Guitar Solos


The songs in this book were transcribed “note-for-note” from Wes Montgomery’s records. They include examples from his earliest recordings as well as the more current material, with an emphasis on songs he wrote himself. In addition to the “octave solos” which made Wes famous, there are plenty of single-line “leads” and chord-solos here. The student, therefore, will get a thorough sampling of Wes’ style.

1.Angel (from:A Day In The Life/A&M SP-3001)
2.Bumpin’ (from:Bumpin’/Ver. V6-8625)
3.Bumpin’On Sunset (from:Tequila/Ver. V6-8685)
4.Far Wes (from:Montbomeryland/Pac. PJ-5)
5.Ghost Of A Chance (from:Movin’ Along/Riv. 342)
6.Goin’On To Detroit?@(from:Down Here On The Ground/A&M SP-3006)
7.Goin’Out Of My Head (from:Goin’Out Of My Head/Ver. V6-8642)
8.Green Peppers (from:California Dreaming’/Ver. V6-8672)
9.More And More Amor (from:California Dreaming’/Ver. V6-8672)
10.Mr.Walker (from:California Dreaming’/Ver. V6-8672)
11.Polka Dots And Moonbeams?@(from:The Wes Montgomery Trio/Riv. 12-310)
12.Road Song (from:Road Song /A&M SP-3012)
13.Round Midnight (from:The Wes Montgomery Trio/Riv. 12-310)
14.Tea It Down (from:Bumpin’/Ver. V6-8625)
15.Watch What Happens (from:A Day In The Life/A&M SP-3001)
16.West Coast Blues (from:Movin’Wes/Ver. V6-8610)
17.Willow Weep For Me (from:A Day In The Life/A&M SP-3001)
18.Winds Of Barcelona (from:California Dreaming’/Ver. V6-8672)
19.Wind Song (from:Down Here On The Ground/A&M SP-3006)
20.Windy (from:A Day In The Life/A&M SP-3001)
21.Without You (from:California Dreaming’/Ver. V6-8672)
22.Yesterdays (from:The Wes Montgomery Trio/Riv. 12-310)



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