Nova scelta di sonate per la chitarra spagnola- Foriano Pico, (Napoles 1608) Tablatura


Foriano Pico ’s Nuova scelta di sonate per la chitarra spagnola is commonly dated as either 1608 or 1628. In both surviving exemplars of the book, the third digit of the date is impossible to read with certainty because the title pages are incomplete, allowing four possible dates: 1608, 1628, 1638, and 1698. The history of Giovanni Francesco Paci, the printer of the book, and of the church listed on the title page rule out 1608 and 1628. Comparison with a 1698 title page by Paci suggests a redating of Pico’s book to that year and shows Pico’s work to be a late, pirated edition of Pietro Millioni’s posthumous Nuova corona d’intavolatura di chitarra spagnola from 1661, a more reliable tablature

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The Case of the Purloined Letter Tablature: The Seventeenth-Century Guitar Books of Foriano Pico and Pietro Millioni


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